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How Legal Professionals Can Stand Out To Recruiters On LinkedIn

Posted by: Lynn Sedgwick

When it comes to standing out from the legal crowd and selling your value to a legal recruiter such as Clayton Legal, there are a few important documents, and your LinkedIn profile is one of them.

Though your CV will always be key, our online world means that your LinkedIn profile is similarly important now too as it doubles as your online CV.

The challenge for many legal professionals is that they aren’t aware of the changes and improved capability that arrived when Microsoft bought the LinkedIn platform in 2016.

As LinkedIn is the biggest social network in the western world and now with over 20 million UK profiles listed, it is more crucial than ever to leverage the opportunities your LinkedIn profile provides as a tool to help you grow your legal career.

As you read through this post, consider: does your profile professionally broadcast your value, demonstrate your achievements and consequently make you stand out?

If the answer is no then maybe it’s time to make a change. Let’s start by going through some basic alterations you can make.

Give Your Profile Thought And Attention

A common theme we notice is that many LinkedIn profiles are incomplete. It is a pity as an incomplete or poorly filled out profile doesn’t sell you as a legal professional with attention to detail.

Luckily your profile is easy to edit and without people knowing too.

So where should you start?

Are all your contact details visible?

A professional url demonstrates your attention to detail, for instance, as opposed to

Links to your company website or perhaps your personal blog where you share knowledge related to your law expertise is a feature you could use.

Under accomplishments, you can list publications, qualifications, projects, honours and awards, how you are involved with local communities and charities which are important to you.


Make it Personal and Professional

According to the LinkedIn blog, a professional photograph can get 14 times more profile views?  Web browser viewing technology known as heat mapping indicates that viewers of your profile are drawn to the top where your picture is.

You can see an example here from my profile.


Camera capability, even on a smartphone, is exceptional these days which means there is no excuse not to have a professional photograph.

Head and shoulders are the best shots. Your face, preferably smiling in professional business attire makes the best impact. Remember legal recruitment consultants viewing your profile are imagining how you will fit into their client's firm or organisation, so this is an easy way to make an impact.

Your Summary

Your summary needs to catch people’s attention by talking about both the skill set you bring and the value you will add.

Our experience as legal recruiters who have looked at thousands of profiles is that this grabs our attention and helps us sell the benefits of ‘you’ to our clients.

Remember you can also add Powerpoints and videos into your summary.  Human beings have communication preferences, and visual stimulation ranks high on this scale.

Share Content

Depending on your current organisation and their social presence you can share and like content. This unconsciously communicates to everyone how connected you are and what is important to you. When someone arrives on your profile, it is one of the first sections he or she can see.

On your LinkedIn profile, you now can share an article or even upload a compelling image or create a video. All of which enables you to communicate your personal brand; you are using these features aren’t you?


List The Skills You Know Your Market Wants

When it comes to skills, you can add up to 50; all of which could help you stand out to a recruitment consultant and your future employer.


Let’s say you are a Personal Injury Solicitor and you know that you have a real skill in managing the delivery of complex personal injury cases. This needs to be communicated.

The UK is in the grip of a skills shortage. Therefore, if you know you have in-demand skills communicate them on your profile.  You would be surprised that this is an area often forgotten by even the best of candidates.

Endorsements and Recommendations

We all now live and work in the review society. Social proof is a significant influencer in our current community. Who has not viewed Trip Advisor before booking a restaurant or holiday with their significant other? It is the same in the business world.

Therefore, collecting recommendations and endorsements is crucial for your career. If you have not got any; then ask for them from your contacts. All too often people are shy about asking for validations of their work. The good news, which might surprise you, is that many people are more than willing to give you a recommendation.

Complete It in Full

A question for you? Are you using all the features we have mentioned?

Do you have a presentation or video on your summary? Have you got a link to a paper you have written?

It is interesting the impression people get from reading a full LinkedIn profile. It sends a message to recruitment companies that you are a person with attention to detail and who takes their career and work life seriously. Moreover, you are a completer finisher which employers love.




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