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Private practice lawyers wanted

Posted by: Lynn Sedgwick

Last week we launched our comprehensive market analysis which provides insight into vacancy levels for private practice lawyers across the UK. Our data revealed that, while available positions declined by 13% year on year, the picture is by no means all doom and gloom. There are not only certain specialisms bucking this trend, but also regions. This week on the blog we look at the top three regions seeking private practice lawyers.

The Midlands

Demand for professionals remained static in the region year-on-year, however several specialisms have experienced exceptional growth.  Family law specialists, criminal lawyers as well as professionals within litigation and dispute resolution have been incredibly sought after.  The latter can be attributed, in part, to more businesses launching legal claims due to the increasing financial pressure they face in the current economic climate. While historically taking a debtor, for example, to the court was seen as a last resort – and even avoided in some cases - many companies are taking this step to claw back desperately needed finances.

The North West

While overall vacancy levels fell by 18% year-on-year, a more detailed look into our data reveals that family lawyers have been incredibly sought after. This is perhaps unsurprising, family lawyers will always be in steady demand due to the focus of their work – from divorce and separation disputes, through to civil partnership and child protection cases.  It should also be noted that while our data reveals a year-on-year decline, January saw a huge spike in demand for lawyers across the region when compared to the same time in 2016 and this has been continuing month-on-month throughout 2017.  It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year plays out – however our conversations with clients certainly demonstrate that the legal profession remains incredibly healthy and, despite Brexit causing uncertainty, the employment market remains buoyant.

The South West

Vacancies fell by 11% in the region but once again there were areas that experienced growth. Demand for family lawyers and personal injury specialists was incredibly high.  The latter is perhaps unsurprising given the proposed cap on whiplash claims which has prompted a surge in individuals rushing to launch proceedings in the past year. And while the reforms have now been postponed ahead of the General Election, we don’t envisage a significant fall in demand for personal injury specialists given the vast scope of their roles.

To see more information from our market analysis request a full copy of the report here. And for more insights from the team visit our blog.


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