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The best legal blogs in 2017

Posted by: Jamie Miller

In the modern world it’s often hard to know who to trust. The mainstream media seem to follow a political agenda and fail to report the facts of what’s actually happening, while social media can resemble an echo chamber where incorrect facts and opinions spiral out of control. But what can be done? One solution is to hone in on a specific niche area of the market and in law, as we all know, there are many to choose from. But what are the best blogs in the legal market?

UK Human Rights blog

A good place to start would be one of the leading legal portals, the UK Human Rights blog. This platform is written by barristers from 1 Crown Office Row and is updated on a daily basis. It’s a serious blog which offers a balanced analysis of human rights legal issues and is a wider part of the Guardian Legal Network. If you’re interested in human rights then this should be your first port of call - 

UK Supreme Court blog

This high level blog is solely dedicated to judgements from the UK Supreme Court and can provide a detailed overview of what’s happening at the highest court in the land. With contributing editors including solicitors from Olswang and barristers from Matrix Chambers you know you’re getting the best insight into Supreme Court activities –

Nearly Legal

Nearly Legal has a wider focus than the two blogs mentioned above and features pieces from a range of contributors including barristers and solicitors in the field of welfare, housing, landlord and tenant and public law. The editor – the original Nearly Legal – is a solicitor at a legal aid firm and his platform provides an outstanding insight and unique look into recent cases

Legal Futures

This platform is the brainchild of Neil Rose, a qualified solicitor who also spent 12 years as a journalist at the Law Gazette. Legal Futures is dedicated to “equipping those in the legal services market with the knowledge and know-how they need to thrive in the post-Legal Services Act world” and continues to provide detailed news and insightful analysis on various aspects of the legal profession, from regulation to legal-aid cuts -

Totally Legal

The ‘careers advice’ section on Totally Legal is a valuable tool and covers a wide range of topics affecting every area of the legal profession. In recent months our own features have proved exceptionally popular on the platform so if you want to find out more about ‘the skills lawyers will need to succeed in 2017’ or ‘why lawyers shouldn’t fear their robot colleagues’ then head to the website

Clayton Legal

And it wouldn’t be a roundup of the top legal blogs without a mention of our very own platform, the Clayton Legal blog. Our website covers features of every shape and size and offers valuable advice for professionals looking for a new role or simply for some career advice. And if you’re looking for your next job in the legal sector then this is the obviously the place to be

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