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5 Reasons Employers Should Take on More Locum Professionals

  • February 19, 2020

The hiring market is changing.

With employment at an all-time high, many law firms are finding it hard to locate the right legal talent they need to help them reach their business goals.

As specialist legal recruiters, we have seen an increase in the number of candidates enquiring about locum work and this is echoed in the UK as a whole, with locum work being one of the fastest growing areas of recruitment.

However, many law firms are still reluctant to take on locum professionals, and quite often view it as a ‘last resort’. In doing this, law firms are missing out on a vast array of talented legal employees who are looking for less-permanent positions.

If you are not fully utilising locum professionals in your law firm yet, and are unsure as to why you should start, here are the five reasons that employers should take on more locum professionals this year.

1. A Clever Staffing Solution

We work with organisations of many different sizes, serving a range of legal specialisms. And what we find more and more often is that they cannot locate the talent they need to help them achieve their business goals.

Many law firms will persist with and repeat their recruitment process with the view to finding a permanent member of staff to fill a position. Many law firms would not consider a locum professional: because the role is permanent, they want a permanent member of staff.

But in doing this, they struggle on with a vacant position, or worse; they employ the ‘wrong’ permanent employee in haste. The cost of rehiring for permanent employees can become very costly indeed.

This is the perfect opportunity to utilise an employee on a locum contract – to solve an ongoing recruitment issue.

2. For Flexibility

In an ever-changing economy, and especially during the Brexit transition period, many employers are finding that their staffing needs are fluctuating.

Sometimes it is not feasible for employers to take on staff with permanent contracts when they know that they cannot predict how long they will be needed.

Locum professionals are perfect for the changing demands of your business. Many employees are looking for short-term and locum work. You can work with a recruiter to outline your businesses needs, and they can find you staff who fit into exactly what you’re looking for, skills and contract-wise.

3. When Your Team Needs a Lift

On the flip side, there are times when businesses are booming, and they need all the help they can get. It’s great when you see an increase in custom, but this can have negative repercussions on your team.

Continuing with the same size of team and expecting them to take on extra duties when you need them to can cause stress and anxiety among your employees and will eventually lead to a drop in productivity.

If your team needs a morale boost in the form of some extra help to see them through unexpected busy times, bringing in some fresh faces for a limited period is a smart solution.

4. Access to Untapped Talent

Is your law firms going through a period of change? Are you changing your services or processes? Are you expanding?

You might already have an excellent team in place, but sometimes you need access to new talent to help you through a transition period.
There is a wealth of talent considering locum work for a variety of reasons, such as alongside part-time studying, new parents looking for employment to fit around raising their family, and those looking to change sectors. All of these employees can add real value to your business in the time you need them most.

5. With a View to a Permanent Hire

Finally, probably the most significant benefit that employers can get out of locum hires is temp-to-perm positions.

Organisations can work with recruiters to find employees looking for temp-to-perm contracts to ‘try before they buy’. This is a great way to find out if the employee fits into your organisation – if they are the ‘right’ person for the job before you sign on the dotted line.

And it’s a two-way street, too. Many locum professionals prefer these type of contracts (when they are looking for permanent work eventually) as they can see if they like the role and the company without being tied down.


Do you currently employ locums in your organisation? Perhaps you have used them in the past, or only use them at specific points in the year, such as over the Christmas period. Consider taking on locum professionals in your organisation at different times to enjoy the benefits that I have outlined here.

There are plenty of legal candidates looking for locum contracts who are waiting to hear from your organisation right now – get in touch with us to find out more.

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