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Clayton Legal in The Global Legal Post

  • February 24, 2017

Lynn Sedgwick, Managing Director of Clayton Legal, was recently featured in The Global Legal Post, talking about the heavier workload predicted by law firms in the run up to Brexit. Lynn outlined the findings of a recent survey from Clayton Legal which revealed that legal firms expect workloads and headcount to increase as a result of Brexit.

Workload set to increase

Almost two thirds (62%) of legal professionals anticipate workload will increase in at least one of their specialisms now that the government has announced a date to trigger Article 50 according to a study conducted by Clayton shortly after the referendum. Just under half (45%) of respondents believe demand will increase in at least two or more specialisms, while 35% indicated that they expect a rise in workload across three or more areas and one in four report an expected increase in demand across four or more specialisms.

Headcount also on the rise

Meanwhile 87% of law firms anticipate overall headcount will either stay the same or increase – no doubt, in part as a result of the anticipated increase in workload. Interestingly, the survey revealed a strong correlation between specialisms closely impacted by EU level legislation and overall hiring sentiment.  Professionals working within EU Law and Financial Services are predicting headcount to rise or stay the same (90% and 83% respectively).

Short term strength

Commenting on the findings Lynn said “Despite some commentators expressing concerns over the potential impact Brexit could have on demand for legal services in the UK, it is clear, in the short term at least, that law firms expect workload to increase.  And while it’s perhaps unsurprising that firms expect to increase their headcount due to a rise in workload, it’s certainly a positive sign of strength within the profession. Though it remains difficult to ascertain the long term implications of such an unprecedented political shift, the outlook for the rest of year and beyond certainly seems positive for legal profession and firms alike.”

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