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The COVID-19 outbreak catapulted video technology into new areas of our lives. From video GP appointments to Zoom calls with friends, to astonishingly, Vet appointments online, 2020 has been the year of video technology.

Though some organisations have used video communication before, this change has made a significant impact on the recruiting landscape. While the pandemic caused some industries to pause recruitment, in other sectors, organisations continued to build their teams.

Critical roles still needed to be filled, as recruiters worked together with organisations to support the hiring process – one way this was facilitated was the increasing use of video to both interview and then onboard.

While the use of video in the recruitment process had been on an upward trajectory for some years, COVID-19 has caused all industries and sectors to reassess how essential this technology is.

We are in the early days of video interviews being the norm. Yet, recruiters and organisations who integrate video into their hiring process successfully will enjoy more success than those who don’t.

This report is about the art of the video interview, and how to utilise video for success when recruiting.

This guide includes:

  • Learn the art of the video interview
  • How to utilise video for success when interviewing
  • Various platforms
  • Prepartion and skills

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