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Lynn Sedgwick: Why the legal sector isn’t just focused on London

  • July 26, 2017

Our managing director, Lynn Sedgwick, has written a guest column for job site TotallyLegal. In it, she discusses the factors which are influencing the increase in regional demands for legal professionals in areas such as Yorkshire and the Midlands.

Below is an excerpt of the piece:

“Even as recently as five years ago the vast majority of employers were based in the capital with only smaller, independent firms having a physical presence in the wider regions of this country. But why has the shift taken place? There are a combination of contributors, perhaps most notably, the exorbitant cost of property in the capital. Firms are finding they can cut their rent costs in half by moving to other areas. In addition, many have struggled with a ‘churn’ of talent brought on by being based in a legal hotspot like London. And, by moving further afield, they hope to be able to retain their staff for longer. In purely geographical terms, being based somewhere like Birmingham, or Leeds, for example, means firms are better positioned to serve the needs of their clients, wherever they are located. There’s also the matter of Brexit. The wider uncertainty this has caused in markets across the UK favours the legal sector and drives greater activity, which increases demand for services and therefore specialists across the country.”

You can read the full column on the TotallyLegal website here.

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