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Private practice lawyers: latest market analysis

  • May 9, 2017

Less than a year after the UK decided to leave the European Union, we’ve been busy preparing our latest in-depth analysis of the employment market for private practice lawyers across the UK to gauge the impact Brexit has had.  So what has our data revealed? And what does this mean for the sector?

Nationwide vacancies fall

While our data reveals that vacancy levels across the UK have fallen in all regions year-on-year (13%), it is by no means all doom and gloom. In fact, there are certain specialisms that are bucking this trend and performing exceptionally well. Personal injury lawyers have been increasingly called on in response to the proposed cap on whiplash claims which has resulted in drivers rushing to get their claims through the courts.  And the UK’s ageing population has translated into unprecedented demand for wills and probate specialists across the entire country.

Lawyers reticent to move job in current environment

While the fall in advertised positions is, on first glance, a less than optimistic picture, it can be attributed to lawyers being reticent to move roles in an environment of uncertainty.  While some lawyers are less committed to a career move the hiring picture as a whole remains very healthy. And our conversations with our clients clearly demonstrates this. Many firms are hiring lawyers for newly created positions due to increased workloads instead of replacement hires that are associated with specialists moving between firms.  And as Brexit becomes more of a ‘business as usual’ scenario, we’re confident the ‘wait and see’ approach will pass.

Check back next week for our next blog where we’ll be focusing on the regional demand for private practice lawyers. And if you can’t wait that long contact us today to get your hands on the full report.

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